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Your Amazon Seller Central personal assistant.

No HR. No interviews. No training. In a few clicks you’ll have access to the Seller Central "assistant" that can fix anything, with unlimited tasks per month.

How does Seller Candy work?

Enjoy the freedom of an expert Amazon ​Assistant -- without actually having one. 

1. Give your Seller Central tasks to us

Log all of your Seller Central problems, advanced reporting, tasks, and cases requiring follow-up with our expert team

2. Be at ease with 24/7 ​case follow-ups and listing monitoring

Enjoy ​24/7 monitoring software of all listing​s and constant follow-up of your open cases/issues while you sleep

3. Start working "on" your business

You now enjoy top-tier handling of your most time consuming Seller Central issues. With your newfound free time, you can focus on the important stuff.

What can Seller Candy do for you?

Before Seller Candy..

You are frustrated with Seller Central, spending hours daily and weekly submitting and resubmitting cases, searching for orders, and re-uploading listings. You are losing out on sleep and revenue.

After Seller Candy

Seller Central issues are logged and put to the side.  All your cases are being followed and handled, and your listings are being monitored for errors.  Progress is visible and a sense of calm has set in.

Pros and Cons of Seller Candy

Helpful Features of Seller Candy

  • Unlimited Seller Central problems solved 24/7 +
  • Following up on all your cases.   Open your case and forward us the confirmation or Case#.  We'll track it and continually resubmit until it's taken care of
  • Raising ALL types of cases with support, repeatedly if necessary.  Just submit your request and we'll open and follow the case
  • Finding and re-activating suppressed, blocked or inactive listings.  We are constantly monitoring your account to see if your listing is down, you've lost the buy box, or if your product is suppressed in the search results.  We immediately fix all local problems to reactivate, and start opening support cases if it can't be activated [PRO TIER FEATURE]
  • 24/7 ​ listing monitoring software by SentryKit included: Buy box monitoring, negative review monitoring, listing content monitoring, bullet point changes, star count monitoring, product suspension monitoring, sales and stock level monitoring.  We review and respond to all generated alerts every day  [PRO TIER FEATURE]
  • Make your request:   Uploading listings, updating Images, bulk uploads, report downloads and filing, recovering listings, brand registry, reimbursements, promotion scheduling, coupon creation, inventory projection, flat file creation and modification, listing backup, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) layout.    
  • Anything else? Reach out - we would love to assist you.

Related services that we currently don't perform

  • Customer Service - we don't interact with customers via any medium.  
  • Product Sourcing of any kind
  • ​Tasks involving outside websites and portals.  We are primarily built for Seller Central tasks so we don't log into Seller Boards, repricers, prep company web portals, etc.  Seller Central, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets are our bread & butter.

Seller Candy Pricing and Packages

​Seller Candy Basic

$ 5​97


Unlimited Seller Central Tasks
and Advanced Reporting​

  • ​Suitable for Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label Sellers
  • Up to 3 opens tasks/cases simultaneously
  • 1 business day turnaround time
  • Agency level knowledge of the Seller Central platform, to more efficiently solve difficult or rare issues
  • Advanced reporting including, Full Account Audit at inception of service,  Quarterly Refund Reimbursement/Reconcilliation reports, and more...
  • More time to focus on your revenue
Seller Candy Pr​o

$ 6​97


​Live Listing Monitoring and

More Tasks

  • Suitable for Private Label Sellers and Wholesale Sellers
  • E​​VERYTHING from the "Basic," Plus...
  • Up to ​​4 open tasks/cases simultaneously
  • Live 24/7 Monitoring​ of all owned Listings​​ (up to 100 ASINs) for 20+ touch points (hijakers, suppression, listing changes, etc..)
  • ​2 Amazon Marketplaces per brand (Example EU + US)

​Seller Elite-Multi

starting at



​Agency Account Managers & Sellers ​​​With Multiple Accounts

  • Suitable for ​Sellers or agencies managing multiple Amazon Accounts or Brands
  • E​​VERYTHING from "​Seller Candy Basic & Pr​o" ​with....
  • Up to ​3 open tasks/cases simultaneously ​per account
  • Live 24/7 Monitoring​ of all owned Listings​​ (up to 100 ASINs per account​for hijakers, suppression, listing changes, etc..
  • Scheduled Reporting to fit your needs
  • Per Account Pricing  (Please ​inquire about bundle price!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of Amazon seller is "Seller Candy" designed for?

Seller Candy was made for sellers who want to outsource their Seller Central duties at an expert level, but also don't want to become an employer. We feel there is a strong demand for successful Amazon sellers who want to buy their time back without venturing into the world of finding, hiring, training, and employing remote Virtual Assistants. We've also seen a strong demand from folks who already have VAs but they want to add expertise, automation, and security to their workflow.

Will I receive a dedicated agent? Who do I talk to?

We don't assign an individual contact, because our entire team is at your service. For day to day business, you will hand off tasks and communicate directly with us through our team portal, which consists of our agents, supervisors, and founders, and the respondent may vary based on the type of request. 

Do we handle Customer Service?

Currently we do not manage Customer Service as part of our business model. We can be assigned with and individual task like responding to a Customer message or issuing a specific refund, but we aren't doing full Customer Service management at this time. 

What about removing bad reviews or tracking down customers to remove them?

For a situation with a bad product review, we'll submit cases for removal and dig through your orders to find out which order it was -- but we won't get involved in leaving replies on reviews or tracking down customers.

Can we handle your Amazon PPC?

Our primary function is to perform expert level reporting, all tasks, and monitoring for Sellers - but not to be involved in strategy. Therefore we do not run Amazon PPC. Our parent company, EcomDNA, handles full account management, PPC, and strategy at a high level for sellers. Book a strategy call at EcomDNA.com.

What about security issues?

We use the same strict process of account access as we do at EcomDNA our full service amazon consultancy. Only the founders are given User Permissions and lesser permissions for our team are delegated carefully based on the work being performed. Our team has a central office location where both our founders and team work, we are not a remote team. Brian Patterson and John Cavendish have a long history providing valuable services to Amazon sellers and we take the utmost care with each account.

So what type of tasks and duties are NOT handled by Seller Candy?

Currently we do not handle Customer service, including messages from customers or "feedback removal strategies" as mentioned above in the FAQ.   We also do not handle any type of LEGAL or TAX issues with Seller Central.  

How many tasks will we do at one?

For our basic plan we will do 3 concurrent tasks, and for our Pro plan we will do 4.  Many requests or cases will take multiple conversations and attempts with Amazon Support Chat/Email, so it could take a period of days depending on the issue.  We ask users to self-regulate their amount of tasks, but if there's an urgent task you need while you're already at the limit, we will still handle it. 

About Us

John Cavendish, Co-Founder

Our Co-Founder John's vast experience owning and overseeing millions in sales on Amazon via his own brands led him to found his agency,  "ecomDNA," becoming a premier Amazon Channel Management provider for brands to scale fast with a supportive team around them.  His deep understanding of the Amazon Seller experience led to developing the concept of "Seller Candy," providing expert Virtual Assistant experience, delivered as a service.

Brian Patterson, Co-Founder

Brian has ​vast experience developing innovative services and software solutions for Amazon Sellers.  He developed and operated "Leads On Location," which became the gold standard for online arbitrage sourcing lists, ​that inspired a generation of subsequent sourcing lists in its image.  He has also created tools like AMZ Repricer Enhanced and Amazon Quick Copy, software designed to save sellers' time, with thousands of downloads and active monthly users.  

Would you like a demo?

We would love to show you how to get the most out of Seller Candy - book a call below to get started! We will discuss Amazon business setup with you and see if there is a fit. Thank you!