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See How Seller Candy Can Transform Your Business

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Outsource All Your Seller Central Tasks to Our Team of Amazon Experts

Get your Seller Central problems solved twice as fast without hiring employees or dealing with Amazon Seller Support.

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Stop Working in Your Business.
Start Working on Your Business.

We take care of flat files, storefronts, listings, reimbursements, and more. We push beyond canned responses so your time is spent growing your business, not dealing with Seller Support or VAs.

Efficiently and expertly manage all aspects of your Seller Central account without doing it manually or by yourself. Instantly up your game with agency level best practices, and grow the business you know you can.

How We Help:

Everything Seller Central

Log all of your Seller Central problems, tasks, and cases requiring follow-up with our expert team. Submitting and resubmitting cases, searching for orders, and re-uploading listings; our experts take care of all your issues using industry best practices.

Fast Turnaround

Give your tasks to us today, you’ll have updates by tomorrow or sooner. Short tasks will be turned around immediately, and tasks that require detailed back and forth with Seller Support will be initiated and followed up with constantly until we receive your desired result.

Unlimited Tasks, Requests, Cases

Give us as many tasks, requests, and cases you can think of. We will organize and prioritize, and work our way through all of them according to your particular plan. All plans allow multiple simultaneous tasks that we will work on the same time.

In-App, Email and WhatsApp Communication

Our elegant yet simple platform gives you everything you need to submit, monitor, and communicate on all your requests so you can see them all in one place, and follow them until completion.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try our service risk free for 30 days. If it doesn’t fit with your business, get a full refund minus any refund reimbursements we’ve already acquired for you.

Whatever You Need, We’ve Got The
Right Plan For You.

We offer a 10% discount on all annual plans.


Best for sellers looking to streamline their Amazon operations.
  • Unlimited tasks
  • One Day Business Turnaround
  • 2 Tasks Open Simultaneously
  • Quarterly Amazon Return Reimbursements
  • One time Amazon Account Audit
  • One Amazon Marketplace
Paid Monthly
Paid Annually


Best for experienced sellers looking for advanced automation.
  • Unlimited tasks
  • One Business Day Turnaround
  • 3 Tasks Open Simultaneously
  • Quarterly Amazon Return Reimbursements
  • Two Amazon Marketplaces / Brands
  • 24/7 Listing Monitoring Software with Daily Updates
  • Quarterly Account Audit
Paid Monthly
Paid Annually


Best for power sellers with multiple accounts or small agencies.
  • Everything from Expansion Plan
  • Priority One Day Business Turnaround
  • 4 Tasks Open Simultaneously
  • Monthly Amazon Return Reimbursements
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • WhatsApp Communication w/ Dedicated Acct. Mgr
  • Proactive Listing Suspension Response
Paid Monthly
Paid Annually

Are you an Agency or Brand Manager handling accounts for multiple sellers?
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Services Offered by Seller Candy

Helpful Features
  • Unlimited Seller Central problems solved 24/7 +
  • Following up on all your cases: Open your case & forward us the confirmation or Case#. We’ll track it & continually resubmit until it’s resolved.
  • Raising ALL types of cases with support, repeatedly if necessary. Just submit your request & we’ll open and follow the case.
  • Finding & re-activating suppressed, blocked or inactive listings: We are constantly monitoring your account to see if your listing is down, you’ve lost the buy box, or if your product is suppressed in the search results. We immediately fix all local problems to reactivate, and start opening support cases if it can’t be activated [EXPANSION TIER FEATURE]
  • 24/7 ​ listing monitoring software by SentryKit included: Buy box monitoring, negative review monitoring, listing content monitoring, bullet point changes, star count monitoring, product suspension monitoring, sales and stock level monitoring. We review and respond to all generated alerts every day [EXPANSION TIER FEATURE]
  • Make your request: Uploading listings, updating Images, bulk uploads, report downloads and filing, recovering listings, brand registry, reimbursements, promotion scheduling, coupon creation, inventory projection, flat file creation and modification, listing backup, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) layout.
  • Anything else? Reach out – we would love to assist you.
We Currently Don't Perform
  • Customer Service – we don’t interact with customers via any medium.
  • Product Sourcing of any kind.
  • ​Tasks involving outside websites and portals. We are primarily built for Seller Central tasks so we don’t log into Seller Boards, repricers, prep company web portals, etc. Seller Central, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets are our bread & butter.
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