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Meet Our Team

John Cavendish

Our Founder & CEO

Our Founder John’s vast experience owning and overseeing millions in sales on Amazon via his own brands led him to found his Full-Service Amazon agency, becoming a premier Amazon Channel Management provider for brands to scale fast with a supportive team around them. His deep understanding of the Amazon Seller experience led to developing the concept of Seller Candy, providing the expert Virtual Assistant experience, delivered as a service.

Joe Black

Chief Operating Officer

Our COO started his first company at the age of 21 and had a passion for building business and perfecting its operations. Leading teams from 5 to 500 his main focus was always establishing a strong culture for any company, by focusing on culture and team, the business naturally grows. At Seller Candy, Joe spearheads an awesome group of leaders developing our vision, mission, core values, and pillars creating a strong amazing culture.

Arvin Teano

Chief Delivery Officer

I developed my love of numbers during my many years working as an accountant before realizing that my skill set was perfectly suited to Amazon management. Over the last 6 years working with John, I gained the technical expertise needed to develop new strategies and ways of handling problems that I knew inside out from experience, which is what has allowed us to build the world-class team we have today. If you're ever working with Seller Candy you will speak to me. I will help you solve your problems and I won't stop until I succeed.

Richard Connorton

Partnership Manager

My favorite part of making a sale is getting to know people and building relationships. Sadly those relationships almost always have an expiration date. It's so rare to get to speak to people you spent long time building relationships with. That's why when the opportunity came up for me to lead the Partnership team here at Seller Candy I snapped it up. I'm looking forward to turning acquaintances into long-term pals. Always around for a chat, I like Hagrid and bad jokes if you need an icebreaker!
30+ Team Members with over a Century of Combined AMZ Experience
Kyssa Acuña

People and Culture Coordinator

MJ Visperas

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Cielo Ope

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Stephen Villadolid

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Meggie Dalupan

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Ellie Manansala

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Alyssa Quitco

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Nathan C. Gutierrez

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Sean Ibanez

Reimbursement Specialist

Julie Nethercott

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Linh Nguyen

System Administrator

Carla Fernandez

Amazon Operations & Account Expert

Mary Jane Ogatis

Financial Accountant

Maricor Gutib

Reimbursement Specialist

Jim Octoso

Reimbursements Specialist

Kent Napoleon Buendia

Reimbursement Specialist

Sheila Poro

Reimbursement Specialist

Quang Le

Reimbursement Specialist

Daniel Alsryani

Sales Project Manager

Anna Aghoub

Client Acquisition Specialist