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Seller Candy Pricing and Packages

Seller Candy can help you thrive, whatever your business model. From reselling with RA, OA and Wholesale to Private Label and Major Brands, your account will be handled by an experienced professional. Find the right plan for your business here. We offer a 10% discount on all annual plans.


Best for sellers looking to streamline their Amazon operations
  • Unlimited tasks
  • One Day Business Turnaround
  • 2 Tasks Open Simultaneously
  • Quarterly Amazon Return Reimbursements
  • One time Amazon Account Audit
  • One Amazon Marketplace
Paid Monthly
Paid Annually


Best for experienced sellers looking for advanced automation
  • Unlimited tasks
  • One Business Day Turnaround
  • 3 Tasks Open Simultaneously
  • Quarterly Amazon Return Reimbursements
  • Two Amazon Marketplaces / Brands
  • 24/7 Listing Monitoring Software with Daily Updates
  • Quarterly Account Audit
Paid Monthly
Paid Annually


Best for power sellers with multiple accounts or small agencies
  • Everything from Expansion Plan
  • Priority One Day Business Turnaround
  • 4 Tasks Open Simultaneously
  • Monthly Amazon Return Reimbursements
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • WhatsApp Communication w/ Dedicated Acct. Mgr
  • Proactive Listing Suspension Response
Paid Monthly
Paid Annually

Are you an Agency or Brand Manager handling accounts for multiple sellers?
Schedule a meeting with our Founders to discuss pricing and solutions.

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Make as many requests as you need. We work on multiple cases at the same time according to your plan to ensure you can get enough done in short order.

Consistent Case

Say goodbye to Canned Replies from Seller Support. Submit a request knowing it will be continuously followed up on until a result is achieved, and handled by a full-time agent who knows the right way to handle it.

Fast Turnaround

We will advance or complete your task or case in 1 business day or sooner. Our aim is for you to log in for 5 minutes per day and see everything moving forward and submit new requests.


We use Agency Level security practices with limited permissions, strict workflow guidelines, and deliberately redundant processes to protect your account.

Still Have Questions?

Click on the questions to learn more about Seller Candy.

Which type of Amazon seller is "Seller Candy" designed for?

Seller Candy was made for sellers who want to outsource their Seller Central duties at an expert level, but also don’t want to become an employer. We feel there is a strong demand for successful Amazon sellers who want to buy their time back without venturing into the world of finding, hiring, training, and employing remote Virtual Assistants. We’ve also seen a strong demand from folks who already have VAs but they want to add expertise, automation, and security to their workflow.

Will I receive a dedicated agent? Who do I talk to?

We don’t assign an individual contact, because our entire team is at your service. For day to day business, you will hand off tasks and communicate directly with us through our team portal, which consists of our agents, supervisors, and founders, and the respondent may vary based on the type of request.

Do we handle Customer Service?

Currently we do not manage Customer Service as part of our business model. We can be assigned with and individual task like responding to a Customer message or issuing a specific refund, but we aren’t doing full Customer Service management at this time.

What about removing bad reviews or tracking down customers to remove them?

For a situation with a bad product review, we’ll submit cases for removal and dig through your orders to find out which order it was — but we won’t get involved in leaving replies on reviews or tracking down customers.

Can we handle your Amazon PPC?

Our primary function is to perform expert level reporting, all tasks, and monitoring for Sellers – but not to be involved in strategy. Therefore we do not run Amazon PPC. Our parent company, EcomDNA, handles full account management, PPC, and strategy at a high level for sellers. Book a strategy call at

What about security issues?

We use the same strict process of account access as we do at EcomDNA our full service amazon consultancy. Only the founders are given User Permissions and lesser permissions for our team are delegated carefully based on the work being performed. Our team has a central office location where both our founders and team work, we are not a remote team. Brian Patterson and John Cavendish have a long history providing valuable services to Amazon sellers and we take the utmost care with each account.

So what type of tasks and duties are NOT handled by Seller Candy?

Currently we do not handle Customer service, including messages from customers or “feedback removal strategies” as mentioned above in the FAQ. We also do not handle any type of LEGAL or TAX issues with Seller Central.

How many tasks will we do at once?

For our Professional plan we will do 2 concurrent tasks. Expansion plan gets 3 concurrent tasks. For our Takeover plan, we will do 4. Many requests or cases will take multiple conversations and attempts with Amazon Support Chat/Email, so it could take a period of days depending on the issue. We ask users to self-regulate their amount of tasks, but if there’s an urgent task you need while you’re already at the limit, we will still handle it.