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Get the Expert Virtual Assistant Experience Without Hiring or Managing One

It takes time, money, and constant effort to develop and maintain employee relationships. Seller Candy removes the drama so you can get back to work.

  1. Expert Operators, Nothing Less.
  2. Agency-Level Security
  3. Insightful Account and Listings Audits
  4. Never a minute spent on Human Resources
Expert Operators, Nothing Less.
At Seller Candy our OF agents are all highly trained, highly paid experts. They work based on best practices based on our deep agency experience. Don't accept a $3/hr VA for your most sacred asset, your Amazon Seller Account.
Agency-Level Security
It's difficult to give a new employee from another part of the world access to your Amazon Account and valuable seller information. Seller Candy solves this problem with tight account controls, task-level access for our agents and enterprise level, long-term team member contracts.
Insightful Account and Listings Audits
Get a full account audit and overview to make sure you're set up like a pro when you onboard. Submit Listing Audit requests to make sure your listings are using best practices, from experienced eyes that know how it's done.
Never a minute spent on Human Resources
Searching, Interviewing, Hiring, Training, Managing, Engaging, Encouraging — Forget it all. Seller Candy manages everything so you can be up and running, in experienced hands, without the hassle.

How Does It Work?
It’s Simple.

Make Your Request

Give your Seller Central tasks to us and tell us the ideal outcome you need.

Skip The Seller Support Back-and-Forth

Enjoy constant follow-up of your open cases/issues while you sleep. We will push your issue and hold Seller Support to the fire, using all available methods.

Start Working on Your Business

You now enjoy top-tier handling of your most time consuming Seller Central issues. With your newfound free time, you can focus on the important stuff.

Essential Features With Endless Benefits


Keep multiple requests open at once for flexibility.

Constant Case

Say it once, we’ll make it real. We get you a RESULT, not a dead end.

A Designated
Account Manager

An experienced and insightful team member will give you confidence.

Fast Turnaround Times

We’ll address or solve your case in 1 business day or less. No Stress.