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Customer Success Story: Daniel Smolski

"The biggest benefit has been the time that I've gotten back; that’s been a huge saving. Seller Candy’s expertise is also valuable. They just know how to get problems resolved."

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Aaron: The Marketing Employee

Aaron is a marketing manager for a large beauty brand. He is responsible for everything from Shopify orders, to customer service, to Amazon storefront creation.

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Barbara: The New Successful Flipper

Barbara learned FBA from her friend, and she now does retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and is even considering wholesale. She sold 50,000 last year in total, but this year she sold $25,000 in January alone!

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Arty: The Empire Builder

Arty received a $900,000 investment to purchase small amazon brands, and to build a “superstore” of many brands, and grow it to become a 7 figure company and beyond.

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Steve: The Supplement Seller

Steve has and established Private Label brand on Amazon. He makes more than $100,000 per year on his best product! He even has a virtual assistant to help him with customer service, 3PL logistics, and all the busywork that goes into Amazon Selling.

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